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Get piece of mind knowing you can stop an attacker from ever getting close to you.

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Dear Friend,

Before I get started telling you why you need this valuable information, I’d like to first ask you a question. Have you ever said to yourself… “I’ve been meaning to get something to protect myself from attack when I go out, though do I really need it?” (Or, I’ve been too busy to getting around to ordering one online!)

Well if this describes you, then I have terrible news. According to, in 2009 there were 1,318,398 violent crimes in the United States.

Think about it, that’s over 1.3 Million violent crimes against people in our country. While that number has dropped from a high of 1.932 million in 1992, that’s still one million, three hundred eighteen thousand, three hundred ninety eight people assaulted violently.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s your turn.

Will you be ready? What will you do?

My name is Christopher Winkler, and I run, a non-lethal self defense products site. I know first hand that many people can’t or won’t carry a gun with them, and that non-lethal products like pepper sprays and stun guns are excellent ways to keep criminals from hurting you.

Did you know there is a simple product that costs under $20 that will keep you safe, and it’s called Pepper Spray. It comes in many sizes, and the most popular is the keychain size, that you can put on your key ring, and always have with you.

“I have been sprayed with this for a training exercise (Fox Labs 5.3 Formula). This stuff is no joke. It took over 2 hours to just be able to open my right eye, with another hour to get my left eye open again. It left an extreme burning sensation on my face for almost a week. I do plan on purchasing some for home protection. Fox 5.3 is literally, the strongest stuff on the planet.”

willtotheumm, YouTube

While there are many articles and videos that might give you basic instructions on pepper sprays, the Truth is if you don’t know how to use them, you won’t be able to stop an attacker, and they could be used against you.

Self-defense sprays, or pepper sprays are possibly the best self-defense tool you can carry, however, as with any tool, one must know a little bit more Truth than just carrying around a can of pepper spray.

This eBook is a collaboration, and work of love between Teanis Tillmon, and myself. Our goal was to combine the knowledge of one of the leading instructors in the use of pepper spray, with an expert in the field of non-lethal self-defense products, and produce an informative eBook series to help you understand what self-defense products are, and how to use them.

Teanis Tilmon is a Street Survival and Use of Force Consultant with combined research, training, and certifications, having logged hundreds of hours in teaching, and understanding the use of pepper sprays. Beyond the physical aspect of self-defense, Teanis incorporates concepts of spirituality, health, and wellness. The concepts taught in our workshops and books relate to who and what we are, and how can we function in today’s society.

We’ll start with a historical overview of the first recorded uses of hot chili peppers as offensive and defensive weapons, and how they have evolved over time to today. We’ll then cover pepper spray basics, move to our Beliefs vs. Truths, talk about the differences in nozzle heat, types of sprays and spray patterns, then wrap it up with techniques, deployment tactics, and other invaluable real world training that you can apply to any situation.

We will cover the different myths and beliefs about pepper spray:

  • Their early uses in war
  • When they first were used in modern times
  • How they evolved to being available to consumers
  • How to use them
  • What’s inside the different brands and types
  • What is the best way to deliver pepper spray
  • When not to use pepper spray
  • And so much more…

And don’t just take our word for it, here is one of our customers experiences using pepper spray to get rid of pesky dogs when they go out on their walk.

the truth about pepper spray “About 2 months ago when my wife and I were taking our usual walk after dinner. This one house has these 2 dogs, (small barking irritating type and one around maybe 3 feet at the ears tall) would come charging out barking into the street from their house sitting on the deck. Normally we just keep walking and ignore them, but once the little nasty dog, nipped me on the back of my ankle. So since we had bought those huge pepper spray canisters.

The next time we walked the little barking rat and his friend came running out and I hit both of them right in the face. At the point they both stopped barking and took off back to the house, with their feelings hurt. They never charged us again, nor do they even bark from their house.. It definitely was exactly what we needed and we never leave home with out them when we go for walks now. Oh the town we live in is “Magalia” in California. It used to be called “Dog Town” I wonder why? :-)”

R&E Abeyta
Magalia, CA 

“When I tested it (Fox Labs 5.3 Pepper Spray), a few little particles floating in the air pretty much disabled me.”

J. Anderson
Victoria, TX 

YES! Try the Truth About Pepper Spray today; risk free!

    • Learn When And When Not To Use Pepper Spray
    • Learn How To Use Pepper Spray In Every-Day Situations
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The Truth About Pepper Spray Cover

The Truth About Pepper Spray will by your street survival Bible.

Our training goal is to acquire wisdom and understanding that you will use to defend thyself when the situation arises. All of our resources provide realistic training, in real world situations, while applying biblical insight and awareness to help you to understand what you are up against.

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We will include a copy of our important report; “10 Tips To Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime!” These are practical, every-day tips to staying safe at home and when you go out.

10 Tips To Avoid Being
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So lets recap, you are going to receive your eBook, “The Truth About Pepper Spray,” a FREE copy of  “10 Tips To Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime!“, and a 30 day money back guarantee of your happiness!

Watch how quickly this bear runs after being sprayed by a big fog of pepper spray!

YES! Try the Truth About Pepper Spray today; risk free!

      • Learn When And When Not To Use Pepper Spray
      • Learn How To Use Pepper Spray In Every-Day Situations
      • One Simple Technique That Can Save Your Life
      • And So Much More…

Only $9.99!


Failure to act now could result in you being caught in a situation where you find you don’t have any pepper spray, or even know how to use it, and you could be hurt or God forbid, loose your life.

With over 1.3 Million violent crimes each year, there is a 1 in 300 chance you will be attacked in your lifetime. Don’t wait until it’s too late to educate you on how to use one of the best non-lethal self-defense products in the world.

Law Enforcement Can’t Say It Any Better:

“Yes our incident was a resistive subject who we tased. My partner tased him at too close a distance and the prongs did not have enough distance between them for a good circuit. The subject was still able to roll around on the ground, too make matters worse the cords wrapped around my partner’s forearm and he received a jolt as well while tasing the arrestee. Since the person was not effectively stopped with the taser I then deployed a burst of Fox pepper spray to subdue him which was successful.”
B. Scott C.P .D

“Fox Labs is the best pepper spray I have used in all of my situations. I am a Pepper Spray Instructor and I have used other products “First Defense, Punch “ and I have been very satisfied with the results.”
T..T U.S.P

“We had a paranoid schizophrenic large male off his medication go crazy in a hair salon full of people. He was barricaded in a bathroom and screaming about the devil. One spray in the face and it was immediately effective. We waited for about 2-3 seconds and I gave him commands to prone out and put his hands behind his back. He must have thought the devil spit in his eyes. He did everything we asked. It was great! We made some more believers’ in your product today. Thanks!”
Lt. DN, Wisconsin

“In contrast to the other OC products I have been exposed to in the past where I was comfortable for a few seconds while being led to water, your product created intense pain and heat immediately. I was surprised at the intensity and manner in which my air passages and ability to open my eyes were impacted.”
Asst. Director JER, Georgia

“This dog (part Rottweiler) came charging at me, so I gave it a one second burst of the pepper spray. The pepper hit the dog in the chest from about 8 feet away. The dog stopped DEAD IN ITS TRACKS. I think the skid marks are still in the grass!”
Sgt. RFB, Louisiana

“While chasing him on foot I was unable to grab him. At that time I deployed my pepper gas and discharged it in the area of the rear of his head from about ten feet away. The pepper gas struck the subject in the rear of the head and shoulder area. The subject then immediately fell to the ground and was handcuffed and placed under arrest.”
Officer TH, Georgia

“We just switched from MSI (Mace) brand OC to the Fox Labs foam. It was very impressive! Some of the officers that were sprayed were sprayed with the MSI foam a year ago, and were willing to get sprayed again. After being sprayed this year with Fox Labs foam, they stated that they would never get sprayed again!
Ptlmn. BSD, Pennsylvania

“After conducting a series of tests (actually spraying the defensive tactics instructors with both products) and discussing these tests with them, it was felt that the Fox acted much faster on the skin than the BodyGuard and the burning on the skin was much worse. The pain on the skin was bad enough to incapacitate most subjects. As soon as the Fox got to the eyes they were instantly incapacitated. The burning on the skin of the BodyGuard LE was secondary. The BodyGuard LE was very good, but the Fox was much better.”
Lt. MM, Indiana

Have had zero failures in five years of use. 100% effective, 100% immediate stop and drop. Officer injuries have declined considerable since Fox put into use. Officers report Fox effective against subjects already sprayed w/other brands and still resisting.”
Lt. JW, Ohio

Friend, here is what you need to do right now.

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I know you are thinking, “I will never get attacked, why do I need this?” Let me tell you, it’s a cold cruel world out there, and do you really want to be a victim?

Don’t wait; don’t hesitate because you never know when your number will come up. Get the education you need in order to be a survivor, not a victim.

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Fox Labs 5.3 OC formula consisting of ultra pure 2% resin formula rated at 5,300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). offers unbridled stopping power with reduced recovery time and liability for Law EnforcementBecause the resin is so pure, used in a lower percentage, allows the pepper spray to work faster, creating intense heat, instantly, making most people compliant in 3 seconds or less!
MEAN GREEN™” “H2OC™”— green, water-based OC formulas consisting of 6% resin formula rated at 3,000,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) and 20.4% Capsaicinoids, that is so purified it is virtually clear. Not even FOX LABS’ 5.3 million SHU resin used in their famous “FIVE POINT THREE™” formulas is as pure.This has enabled FOX LABS to add green dye to the formula making it distinctive from all other formulas in the marketplace. It not only maintains the legendary stopping power that all FOX LABS’ formulas are known and recognized for, but with the addition of the green color they offer the additional benefit of a deterrent that makes assailant identification much, much easier.

YES! Try the Truth About Pepper Spray today; risk free for 30 days!

        • Learn When And When Not To Use Pepper Spray
        • Learn How To Use Pepper Spray In Every-Day Situations
        • One Simple Technique That Can Save Your Life
        • And So Much More…

Only $9.99!

Christopher Winkler
The Truth About Pepper Spray

P. S., The 6th Truth provides life saving information that most people usually overlook about pepper spray. This simple nugget of information alone can save your life, and is worth 10x the cost of this eBook!

P. P. S., Remember, you have nothing to loose with the 30 day money back guarantee, the FREE report  “10 Tips To Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime!” and the Truth About Pepper Spray eBook chock full of valuable and useful information on when to use pepper spray, how to use pepper spray, and when not to use pepper spray. You literally have nothing to loose, and your life and health to gain.