The Truth About Pepper Spray
Will Expose The Self-Defense Secrets
That Could Save Your Life!

Get piece of mind knowing you can stop an attacker from ever getting close to you.

Dear Friend,

Before I get started telling you why you need this valuable information, I’d like to first ask you a question. Have you ever said to yourself… “I’ve been meaning to get something to protect myself from attack when I go out, though do I really need it?” (Or, I’ve been too busy to getting around to ordering one online!)

Well if this describes you, then I have terrible news. According to disastercenter.com, in 2009 there were 1,318,398 violent crimes in the United States.

Think about it, that’s over 1.3 Million violent crimes against people in our country. While that number has dropped from a high of 1.932 million in 1992, that’s still one million, three hundred eighteen thousand, three hundred ninety eight people assaulted violently.

It’s only a matter of time before it’s your turn.

Will you be ready? What will you do?

My name is Christopher Winkler, and I run DefendThyself.com, a non-lethal self defense products site, and I know first hand that many people can’t or won’t carry a gun with them, and that non-lethal products like pepper sprays and stun guns are excellent ways to keep criminals from hurting you.

Did you know there is a simple product that costs under $20 that will keep you safe, and it’s called Pepper Spray. It comes in many sizes, and the most popular is the keychain size, that you can put on your key ring, and always have with you.

Pepper Spray is a non-lethal self-defense product that is made from the extracts of fiery hot peppers. It’s one of the most powerful self-defense products on the market because of what it does to an attacker. It won’t kill them, however, it will ruin their day.

The best part about pepper spray is that it shoots burning hot pepper extract up to 10-15 feet, giving you plenty of room between you and an attacker

Here are the benefits of Pepper Spray

  • Inexpensive compared to all other self defense products
  • Stops an attacker over 10 feet away, keeping you safe
  • Easy to use, just aim at the attackers face and push the button
  • Easy to carry with you in sealed keychain canisters
  • Stops the majority of people that try to attack you without long term injuries

And we are going to give you a FREE gift with your purchase!

We will include a copy of our important report; “10 Tips To Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime!” These are practical, every-day tips to staying safe at home and when you go out.

And we are even going to give you a 90-day Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident that you will find this practical information of great benefit and value, or we will give you your money back; no questions asked!

So lets recap, you are going to receive the 31 page eBook, “The Truth About Pepper Spray,” a FREE copy of our  “10 Tips To Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime!“, and a 90 day money back guarantee of your happiness!


Failure to act now could result in you being caught in a situation where you find you don’t have any pepper spray, or even know how to use it, and you could be hurt or God forbid, loose your life.

With over 1.3 Million violent crimes each year, there is a 1 in 300 chance you will be attacked in your lifetime. Don’t wait until it’s too late to educate you on how to use one of the best non-lethal self-defense products in the world.

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I know you are thinking, “I will never get attacked, why do I need this?” Let me tell you, it’s a cold cruel world out there, and do you really want to be a victim?

Don’t wait; don’t hesitate because you never know when your number will come up. Get the education you need in order to be a survivor, not a victim.

Christopher Winkler

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P. P. S. Remember, you have nothing to loose with the 90 day money back guarantee, the FREE report  “10 Tips To Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime!” and the eBook chock full of valuable and useful information on when to use pepper spray, how to use pepper spray, and when not to use pepper spray.